Our Story

My name is Travis Zinn and I founded TZ Tanks out of a love for nature and an obsession with the wonder and challenge of breeding and raising fish. I’m from Southeastern Virginia and my journey in fishkeeping began when I first saw pictures of discus tanks that were bursting with all kinds of color. It was the start of my own dream of creating my own discus tank full of beautiful colors.

As I started to research these fish, I journeyed down the rabbit hole of fish and found numerous incredible species, all with their own unique patterns, colors, and personalities. I started, like many others, with a 10 gallon tank and the vast array of colors in guppies; looking for ones with some of the most incredible patterns and colors I could fine. Watching these guppies give birth and the little baby fish grow into full adults and have their own children started my goal of becoming a breeder. I fell in love with watching these little fish grow. Eventually, I upgraded to a 55 gallon and got my first discus. A pack of six, each with a different pattern. I tried to get these beautiful fish to breed once they were old enough, but discovered the challenges of artificially raising discus fry. Eventually, I moved to a new place, which allowed for my collection of aquariums and fish to grow. I set up dedicated tanks for raising baby fish and started breeding angelfish, cories, discus, and geophagus with varying degrees of success. Now my journey that started with a 10 gallon tank and some guppies, has evolved into a collection from some of the smallest nano fish, like pygmy cories and sunfish, to moster fish like bichirs, a black ghost knife, and gar, and thousands of gallons of water. Now, I look forward to sharing this incredible hobby with others and helping them get a strong start on their journey down the rabbit hole of fish.

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Fish

All our breeder fish are personally hand picked by me for the most incredible patterns and colors. The babies from those fish are carefully and meticulously raised in our fry system, ensuring a high quality environment and the best health possible. All of our fish are fed top quality foods and are inspected daily for any health issues and to make sure every fish is growing at a steady rate. We never use hormones or other additives to force our fish to grow faster or show different colors. We believe our fishes’ health is the number one priority and have built our business around that.


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